My Services

I offer several different services:

Counseling Services

Basic counseling and psychotherapy, for those who wish to work on resolving past issues and begin the process of developing more effective thinking and behavior patterns.

Personal Coaching Services

Coaching focuses more on the present, creating future goals and effective means to reach them. Visualization and imagery will be used as an integral part of this process.

GrowthPlease Note: Unlike many Personal or Life Coaches, who may have 3-6 months of “coach” training, I have studied psychology, creativity and human potential for several decades. During graduate school, I focused my studies and research on the theory of self-actualization and traits of the healthy personality. I’ve devoted many years to learning the most effective techniques to help people change their lives, and I’m continually updating my methods through research and continuing education. As a result, I can offer much more as a coach…not only can I help you establish goals and encourage you to go for them, I can also help you to identify and break through the mental and emotional blocks that interfere with your progress. In addition, hypnosis, imagery and visualization are often used as tools to boost the impact of your coaching experience.

Sometimes people blend the services I offer: for instance, a client may choose to come for counseling for a month or two, and then change to personal coaching.

Though I prefer to work with people in person, I sometimes do coaching by phone or email. Let me know if you have an interest in this service, and we’ll see if we can work something out that fits your needs.


Fees for my services are $75 per one-hour session. Appointments may be scheduled for days or evenings during the week. Weekend appointments are sometimes available, too.

Coaching services that are done by phone or email are $200 per month, paid in advance, which covers about 3 hours of my time. However, other arrangements can be negotiated to suit your needs. This might include one or two 45-minute phone calls, or several 30-minute phone calls, and brief weekly email messages and assignments. (If long distance calls are necessary, the client will also pay for phone charges.)


Coaching clients usually come to a one-hour, in-person session, weekly or bi-weekly, with brief email messages between sessions. Other coaching arrangements can be negotiated.

Please note: Effective changes do not occur without devoting time and effort to the coaching process! It is highly recommended that you commit to at least 10 coaching sessions in order to establish success patterns. Many clients prefer to continue for 6 months or longer.

For effective results, counseling clients are expected to commit to 8 -10 weekly sessions; then bi-weekly or monthly sessions can be arranged, if needed.

Payment for fees is expected at time of service, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Sorry, I do not work with credit cards or third-party payments from insurance companies at this time.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. If sufficient notice is not given, clients will be charged the regular session fee of $75.

To make an appointment

Contact me by phone or email, and I can usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Marybeth Bethel MS
Personal Coach
Innovative Counseling and Psychotherapy
Hypnosis, Imagery and Visualization
Lawrence, KS