Personal Coaching

What are your goals and dreams?
I can help you achieve them!

Unlike many Personal or Life Coaches, who may have 3-6 months of “coach” training, I have studied psychology, creativity and human potential for several decades. During graduate school, I focused my studies and research on the theory of self-actualization and traits of the healthy personality. I’ve devoted many years to learning the most effective techniques to help people change their lives, and I’m continually updating my methods through research and continuing education. As a result, I can offer much more as a coach…not only can I help you establish goals and encourage you to go for them, I can also help you to identify and break through the mental and emotional blocks that interfere with your progress. In addition, hypnosis, imagery and visualization are often used as tools to boost the impact of your coaching experience.

irisThe coaching process begins with a discussion of your goals and dreams, and identifying the blocks that have interfered with your success in the past. These mental and/or emotional blocks often serve to sabotage your efforts to move forward. You will learn to work through the fears and anxiety that block effective expression of your potential.

Believing in yourself is an essential and important step
to achieving your dreams!

Once you become aware of poor thinking habits, you can learn to establish and practice more effective ways of thinking and behaving, leading to more successful outcomes in all that you do! Together, we will establish goals and create a workable plan of action to achieve your goals. I will provide support, encouragement and inspiration to fortify your progress.

Coaching can help you:
  • Reach personal goals, such as increasing your self-esteem, developing courage or improving relationship skills
  • Attain fitness and health goals, whether it be losing weight, changing your metabolism, finding the discipline to exercise regularly, or creating a healthier mindset to ward off disease
  • Achieve creative goals, from developing your talent to performing to developing the courage to market your talents
  • Accomplish career goals, whether that be improving your study habits in school, learning to ask for a raise, or developing a new career interest

I have personal experience working through the above-mentioned goals (and many others), and know the pitfalls and detours that often accompany efforts to change, especially self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

As a result of my experience and research, I’ve gathered a wealth of strategies that will enable you to avoid self-sabotage, so you can effectively create a fast track to your dreams!

What you can expect from Personal Coaching:
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Effective, empowering guidance
  • Powerful visualization sessions
  • Enthusiastic, dependable support
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm
  • Improved confidence in your ability to perform well and achieve success
  • Email "booster" messages to encourage and inspire you

Caution: It may be necessary to work through past issues before you can effectively develop and achieve the goals you have in mind, so you might take that into consideration before committing yourself to a personal coaching program. Sometimes clients will use counseling to work through past issues, then progress to a coaching process. Check out the Counseling section of this site to learn more.

Marybeth Bethel MS
Personal Coach
Innovative Counseling and Psychotherapy
Hypnosis, Imagery and Visualization
Lawrence, KS

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