My Classes


Community Mercantile Classes

DahliaMost months of the year, I offer 2-hour, evening classes at The Merc, our favorite health food store in Lawrence, KS. Topics include: Taming Fear and Anxiety, Living a Rich Life, Positive Self-Talk, Embracing Change, Staying Creative, Living with Intention, and Effective Risk-taking, among others. Iím always coming up with new ideas for classes, so the best way to see whatís scheduled is to visit The Mercís website. They take care of the registration for these classes, so be sure to contact them (843-8544) or drop by the store to register.

American Public University Online Courses

Several of my courses are offered online through the Continuing Education and Training program of American Public University Systemís Center for Workforce and Professional Development:

Taming Fear and Anxiety: $40

All too often, fear holds us back from trying something new or going after a cherished goal. This course offers a chance to diminish the paralyzing power of fear and anxiety by exploring the factors that trigger these powerful emotions, looking at how they affect your mind and body, and learning effective ways to work through them. Participants will learn how effective risk-taking and mental toughness can be used to break through fears, freeing them to more effectively move towards their goals. This is a self-study course.

Developing Effective Thinking Habits: $45

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the learner with strategies that foster effective and empowered thinking habits. Elements of Cognitive Therapy will be introduced, along with methods for applying them to oneís thinking process. The student will learn how to build on a foundation of positive thinking habits through the use of affirmations, mental rehearsal and several other techniques. The blend of information in this course will lead to a more informed, effective and satisfying approach to thinking and decision-making. With better thinking, we make better choices and create a richer, more satisfying life. This is a self-study course.