Beginning Anew

Here we are at the dawn of a new age, and the beginning of a new year. Many of us are prompted at this time of year to make resolutions, knowing full well that we will forget or break our resolve as the months pass by. I find it more helpful to envision elements or events that I want to draw into my life in the next year, and then to create a picture of what I envision, using it as a template that motivates me to move towards that goal.

For instance, one year I might wish to develop my career in a certain way, so I envision what that would look like, and how I would feel once it is accomplished. Having an emotional connection to that which we desire helps us "pull" it into being. I even go so far as to draw pictures of the environment that I envision for myself, getting as detailed as possible about those things that are very important (for example: having my own office and enjoying the work that I do), and leaving other details vague (such as a specific salary or job duties), so as not to limit the possibilities.

Sometimes, it is a quality that I wish to develop, such as patience or a quick wit. For this I think of a person I know who embodies that trait already, and I use them as a model. I observe their behavior, and when I'm in a situation where I need patience or a quick wit, I consider how my "model" would behave, then act as they would in the same situation.

Sometimes, I might even practice in front of a mirror, to gain some confidence in my new way of behaving, before trying it in the company of others. It's okay to pretend, and after a few practice trials, we become more accustomed to a new way of interacting with others.

As an assignment to clients, I urge them to find images in magazines that depict what they envision for themselves, and then arrange those images into a collage. The idea behind this is simple: if we create an attractive vision of our future, and look at it frequently, it can set up an expectation, or desire, that we will fulfill that vision in the future. Our desire will prime us to notice and then act upon opportunities that present themselves, leading us closer and closer to our goals.

Whatever your hopes are for the new year, I wish you great success, both in developing your visions of success and creating the desire needed to bring them to fulfillment. Just do it!

2001 Marybeth Bethel