My Approach

Within each of us, there is an urge to become more.

Every one of us has of a unique blend of talents and resources. Too often, these treasures remain hidden or unknown. Regardless of our past experience, we can connect to and build upon our inner resources, using them to guide us to appropriate goals and satisfying relationships. With commitment and effort, you will find ways of living in the world that are rewarding, fulfilling and successful!

I am committed to the process of growth and change, and to encouraging others in their struggles with this effort. I especially enjoy working with people who want to change or transform their lives, into a life that is more effective, meaningful and satisfying.

Our thoughts are like magnets; they shape our lives.

My approachOne of the basic strategies that I use in my practice and in my classes is teaching people how to think more effectively. Everything that happens to us originates with our thoughts, so it is fundamental to effective and lasting change that we learn to think more positive, hopeful thoughts.

Another fundamental principle of my work is to focus on building one’s strengths, rather than highlighting weaknesses or limitations of the past.

My Training and Background:
  • I have a BA in Psychology, an MS Ed. in Counseling Psychology, and extensive training and experience in hypnotherapy, imagery and visualization. I’ve been helping people grow since 1990.
  • Previous to this career, I worked in the printing industry as a graphic artist, and raised my son as a single parent.
Some of my other accomplishments include:
  • Developing and operating several businesses
  • Becoming a Masters swimmer and avid hiker
  • Recording and marketing an album of my music, Time to Begin
  • Writing a monthly column, Encouraging Words, from 1997-2000
  • Creating, marketing and teaching an 8-week class on creativity called The Art of Living Well. Through this class, people learn how to develop their potential and create more effective and satisfying lives. I’m now developing a sequel class, Your Excellent Life.
  • Creating and hosting a weekly radio show, Inside the Creative Mind, where I interviewed people about their creative lives
  • Developing several courses for an online university

Some comments by my clients and students:

“Marybeth’s class offered support and inspiration in a nurturing environment, and provided a wide range of information in a very clear and organized manner. During the eight weeks I was able to build a firm foundation, enabling me to continue the work of positive changes in my life. I'd highly recommend this class to anyone needing information and inspiration to move in new directions.”
-Nancy O’Connor,
Marketing Director and Nutrition Educator,
Community Mercantile

“This class gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I understand more clearly how thought patterns affect my mood and confidence. This class gave me specific tools to help me think more positively and to see myself as capable and dynamic. It felt great to be part of an elite group of risk takers and action-oriented people. I feel enlightened, like I discovered a secret tucked away in Lawrence that has changed my life with long-lasting impact. I feel so much more is within my reach; that I can make goals and see them through.”
-Staci Johnson,
Cottonwood Retirement Services

“What would I say to others in order to recommend this class? It is not too much to say that we received a bit of magic in those weeks. Marybeth’s class is an invitation to look for our truest selves and the tools are presented clearly, patiently, with love. Long after the last session, the lessons continue to benefit and reveal themselves to me. We learned not to be afraid of change, but to instead welcome opportunities. We learned and were reminded of a powerful lesson - that everyday we can create beauty with our words, actions and thoughts. And this beauty brings us closer to our better selves and closer to all that is beautiful, magical and strong. I loved all the class exercises and lessons. They have given me the permission to be a beginner, everyday, in this journey of making a life. Every day is brighter and better.”
-Sula Teller, chef

"What a positive forum for growth! Marybeth's class was just what I was hoping for. Not only does she share very usable techniques to adjust to a more positive outlook, but she gives us the challenge and tools for immediate change. Inspiring!"
-J. L., social worker and dad

"This class has allowed me to have a better outlook on life by improving my self-esteem, changing my thoughts so I think in a positive manner, and giving me the tools to break out of a bad mood. This class was excellent and I highly recommend it."
-D. Kendall, teacher

"Taking the class the second time was even better than the first. I integrated the concepts in a more meaningful way. My attitude is much more positive. My life has taken a quantum leap forward!"
-Lisa Allen, college recruiter

"This is an accelerated growth experience. It helped me to open up to a new world where passion exists...passion for life, my chosen work and others. I still surprise myself by the changes I've made."
-D.W., college professor

"It turned me around 180 degrees. I've changed from the inside out."
-L.A., former gold medalist in downriver marathon canoeing

"The concepts and skills we worked with will stay with me forever. My life now is more joyful, intentional, and full of possibility."
-L.V., writer, massage therapist, weaver

"Marybeth teaches a necessary aspect of creativity, that is, taking risks, overcoming self-limiting behaviors, and seeing 'failure' as a positive learning experience."
-K. D., occupational therapist

"This class pulled me out of a creative slump and got my brain cells clicking again."
-A.C., editor and essayist